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Posted by jwpiper on December 29, 2008

Last night, on the plane from Fort Lauderdale to Cleveland, I had an experience which I’ve come to quite enjoy the more I fly: turbulence. Now, we were in a 737, which are generally boring flights (give me a prop any day), but with the changing weather fronts in Cleveland, the plane danced on its way down.

What is it that I like to about turbulence? I guess in the life I lead I’m not often faced with my own mortality on a regular basis. I live a comfortable life in a nice neighborhood in a politically and civilly stable country. I don’t often let go of control over my physical body – I walk, I drive, I sit, I lay – and in most cases, I’m acting on my environment or trusting in faithful friends such as gravity and friction. When flying, I have no control. That doesn’t even cross my mind on a regular basis because I walked on the plane and I sat down.

But when I’m being tossed about in the sky, my control is given over to a pilot who isn’t me and physical principals which I’m much less familiar with. Sure, I can understand and explain those principals, but it’s a palpable reminder that I’m not really in control of much of anything. Its also a reminder of Who is, and I find it quite comforting.


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