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Posted by jwpiper on January 2, 2009

My brother-in-law, Kenton, bought me some glasses for Christmas. Along with my now workhorse Spaten Optimator Krugs, he bought a pair of Aventinus glasses. It was a perfect addition since I’d been looking for this beer to try.
A wonderful hazy caramel brown with a pillowy white head which recedes to a thin layer. The lace is a little sticky on the glass, leaving spots of white foam as the glass is emptied.
A very nice smell, dominated by sweet and tart fruits – red apples. There are notes of caramel with a grainy base.
The red apples are on the flavor as well. Less sweet than the aroma. Actually quite interesting and balanced. An especially whole-wheat bready finish which cleans up the tart flavors and the gentle hop profile.
The palate is a bit thick and heavy on this beer. The carbonation is present, but the beer is chewy.
I found this to be an interesting, fairly easy to drink beer. When I poured it, I didn’t really feel like drinking a whole pint, but I wanted to try this beer. After getting into it, my attitude was turned around. The heavy palate, however, made it a bit tougher to get through.
A good change of pace beer. It is a bit difficult to find where this beer will fit in. It’s not a session beer, and with 0.5l bottles it’s not an apéritif or an interest beer.
$16/4pk ($4/0.5l). For a good beer like this one, the price isn’t too painful. But given that it’ll be a little more difficult for me to find a reason/scenario which demands this beer, it’ll be tough to justify having it on hand.

I tried paring the beer up with some Ghirardelli 72% cacao chocolate which seemed a reasonable attempt. The beer didn’t really unfold much flavor-wise from the chocolate (except perhaps a little additional bitterness), and the chocolate flattened the beer while perhaps emphasizing the tart flavors. It wasn’t a terribly compelling pairing.


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