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Hoppin’ to Heaven IPA

Posted by jwpiper on January 4, 2009

This has been sitting in my fridge for a month or two, and I feel like a hoppy beer after last night’s Belgians. I’d like to support my local breweries, in this case Hoppin’ Frog, so we’ll see how this one turns out. Poured at about 40 degrees into a 0.5l krug.
Pours a very hazy dull wheat golden color. A 4cm head develops over a pint pour. Lots of floaties in this pour – even of the first 16oz. A trail of foam is left with each sip.
A pretty nice floral hop aroma dominates. There’s a little sweetness on the nose as well. Definitely inviting like I usually find an IPA to be.
There’s a nice hoppy flavor to start this beer off – but it quickly gives way to the malt backbone and some fairly biting (given the short hop flavor and unexciting malt profile) bitterness. The finish is pretty long, but mostly dominated by the bitterness. On the breath the flavors like the floral aroma are present.
A medium-bodied beer which is a bit syrupy.
The bitterness slows me up a bit on this beer. But I usually find IPAs pretty easy to drink.
Definitely not my favorite example of one of my favorite styles. I bought it out of a cooler and put it into my fridge, but to be fair, I can’t be certain of the bottle’s freshness since the store I bought it at doesn’t seem to have the best turnover. It may be worth getting another to re-review. As it stands, I probably wouldn’t buy this again even as a change of pace beer.
$6.50/22oz. The price isn’t too much more expensive than most hoppy beers these days – but it is on the upper end. If thinking local, I’m a lot more inclined to buy a Buckeye ’76 at $5/22oz, which is a better beer all around.

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