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Barrel House Belgian Winter Ale

Posted by jwpiper on January 5, 2009

This beer tasted reasonably good paired with the Carbonnades Flamandes this weekend. Even though I knew it was the dog of the group by itself, I thought I’d give it a chance to go along with the leftovers. Poured into a sniffer at about 40 degrees.
Pours an amber browm with essentially no head.
The smell is filled with sweet fruit: like cooked figs. Some roasted smells in the sweet malty aroma. Also a bit nutty.
The flavor is a bit more one-dimensional and a bit thinner than the aroma. Very much dominated by the cooked fruit sweet malts. Somehow, eating with the Carbonnades brought out the roasted flavors – some coffee notes. This disappeared into a distant memory once I finished with the dinner and focused on the beer. The flavors are actually pretty decent, but it’s tough to get into such a one-dimensional beer.
The mouthfeel is pretty syruppy and thick. There is not very much carbonation in this beer.
With the mouthfeel and one-dimensional flavor, it will be tougher than I’d like to get through the full 22 oz.
Not an excellent beer, but not too bad if you can find someone to to share it with and the moment calls for something sweet.
$25/12-bottle case ($2.08/22oz) in the quantity my friend bought it at. Tough to hate it at this price. But tougher to love it… period.

I’m a bit happy that I didn’t make the Carbonnades with this. It was sweet enough as it was, and this would have removed the complexity that Westmalle Dubbel gave it.


One Response to “Barrel House Belgian Winter Ale”

  1. Karissa said

    I’m happy you didn’t make the carbonnades with this! Ugh…I don’t explain it as well as you, but I don’t like this beer. It’s taste is over-powered by raisins, in my opinion.

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