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Rare Vos

Posted by jwpiper on January 5, 2009

This is the next beer on my way to trying all of the Ommegang offerings: a belgian-style amber ale. Split the 750ml with my wife into two snifters at about 50 degrees.
A nice orange-amber color with a thick white head which loosely laces on the glass.
Fruity nose: oranges, lemons; with a musty maltiness. Hints of caramel and nuts.
Thin and fruity: a mild version of the smell, but with more malt. The yeast also comes through with tastes reminiscient of a sweet breakfast bread – no, fruitcake – on the finish. There is a spice layer in this beer as well. Enough hops to balance and carry a little bitterness on the finish. Reasonably well balanced for a US Belgian style with acidity, sweetness, yeasty profile, and hop bitterness.
A nice semi-dry finish. Pretty clean, well carbonated.
This is very easy drinking and would make a decent session beer. The medium body makes it easy going down. It gets better the further I get into the glass.
A reasonably good Belgian-style from Ommegang. Not a disappointment. But this won’t be a beer I’ll crave.
$6/750ml. A reasonably good value. In general, Id prefer Hennepin for the same price or a Belgian amber for a couple bucks more.

One Response to “Rare Vos”

  1. Wine Blog said

    Ommegang make great beers! Pretty strong for a session beer though.

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