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Alpha Klaus

Posted by jwpiper on January 10, 2009

Thanks to Matt C., I acquired quite a few of these while I was last in Chicago, and they were recently delivered, along with some Three Floyds Dreadnaught IPA. I’ve been impressed with the Three Floyds lineup which isn’t distributed locally, so I went into this tasting with pretty high hopes. Split at cellar temperature from a 22oz bottle into snifters.
Dark black with an off-white head which turns quickly into a thin layer.
Coffee is the dominant aroma, with other warm roasted malts, a floral hop note, and a slight sourness.
This turns out to be a somewhat classic, light-bodied, coffee, smokey porter. Not quite as special as I was hoping, but still good. My wife, who knew what was coming next, immediately set it down figuring it wasn’t worth the calories. My reaction wasn’t nearly that strongly negative – but I like a porter.
Light, with high carbonation. A little mouth-coating, but minor.
Easy drinking, though not terribly interesting.
There are several other porters I’d much rather drink. Somewhat of a letdown.
$9/22oz. Tough to think of this as a decent value given the availability of better porters for a fraction of the price.

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