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Mad Brewer West 12

Posted by jwpiper on January 25, 2009

When a local brewer is cocky enough to evoke Westvleteren 12 in the name of their beer, you’ve got to give it a try. Picked up from Rozi’s Wine in Lakewood, OH, it is brewed by a small brewer in N. Ridgeville, OH where I went to high school. It also happens to be their highest rated brew on both Beer Advocate and Ratebeer. Nevertheless, I’m nervous to try it. I split be bottle with Matt C. into Westvleteren chalice glasses at cellar temperature.
The pour is surprisingly authentic. It’s a bit to clear and thin looking, but it has a nice authentic head and a dark amber color reminiscent of Westvleteren 12. A good start.
Here there are more departures from the target. The aroma is very sweet with raisins, but with a distinct sourness comprised of tart apples and cherries. Not bad in its own right, but less like Westy 12.
The flavor starts ok – with a sweetness for the first half second. Just before you start to try to pick out nuances in that initial sweetness, the flavor twists and turns into sourness and something rank. The finish is just terrible and causes visibly displeased faces and grimaces. Ugh. I forced myself to give this one the minimum 3 sips before drain pouring.
A thin, thin mouthfeel.
Drain-pour. Enough said.
Ugh. After finishing, I saw clearly printed on the label “Trappist Ale”. This is prosecutable and based on the way this (mis)-represents the designation, perhaps should be.
$7/22oz. Perhaps the worst $7 I ever spent on beer.

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