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Dreadnaught IPA

Posted by jwpiper on February 1, 2009

I’ve had this several times since the side-by-side with Pliny the Elder. I’ve since decided that my original impressions of this beer were not fair. This has taught me not to taste a beer for the first time side-by-side with another excellent beer. Back-to-back perhaps, but all by itself is best. While I have a leaning towards dry, minimally sweet IPAs, this beer is an excellent example of the other style, often referred to as East Coast, though some of the best examples are brewed in the Midwest. I would never call this beer a good value, because in all honesty, the price is pretty ridiculous. But it is delicious. This will be the intersection of several tasting notes in each case the beer was poured at cellar temperature (~55 degrees) or just cooler into a snifter.
Pours a medium orange-amber color and clear. Nice 3cm white head.
The citrus is better described as lemon and oranges than grapefruit. Not orange peels, like some hopped beers, but oranges. Malt sweetness.
Very nice orangy sweet flavor. Not overly bitter, and the bitterness on the finish is carried and accompanied well by the sweetness.
Thick, creamy, and smooth without being chewy. Medium bodied, and not dry. Not as clean or dry as I prefer in a big IPA.
Very much a sipper. Mouthfeel slows you down. ABV not as well hidden as
Founders Double Trouble or Bell’s Hopslam. Not a refreshing thirst quencher.
The Dreadnaught is right on par with the excellence of Bell’s Hopslam. An excellent beer which actually serves to show one of the ways that Hopslam is so excellent – the light honey sweetness rather than the heaver malt sweetness. Definitely among my favorite big IPAs. Though, in reality, this is no more available to me than is Pliny the Elder.
$12/22oz. Come on, this is still ridiculous. A good beer, but not that good.

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