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Founders Double Trouble

Posted by jwpiper on February 1, 2009

Ahhh, yet another new DIPA release in the Midwest. What a season. The beat on the street is that Founders brewed the Double Trouble to fill the deep void for West Coast style dry über-hopped IPA in the Midwest instead of compete with the likes of Hopslam brewed not 60 miles away. A good idea as far as I’m concerned. This first bottle was split between two snifters at 50-55 degrees.
Clear pale orange… almost glowing. Small white head.
There we go. Nice citrus, but still a bit sweet. Pine again. Nothing off or compromised about this.
It’s all about the hops here, like a West Coast DIPA. Citrus,
pine, and some bitterness. Some sweet malt, but not too sweet. Pretty well balanced.
Clean and light. Pretty dry, which is nice.
Refreshing. Clean. Nicely hides ABV without being too sweet.
Not too bitter either.
Nice to have a something approaching a West Coast DIPA in the midwest.
$14/4pk ($3.50/12oz). Whoa, didn’t realize I paid this much until now. Just enforces my wish for having Pliny available in the Midwest. Alas, it is not. I like Hopslam more than this beer, and even as expensive it is, it ends up being less expensive per bottle.

2 Responses to “Founders Double Trouble”

  1. Tim said

    O.K. I keep reading folks saying this is awesome. It is very good though. The brewer used a ton of hops and the grain bill is quite sufficient to get the gravity and balance, but it is a weak, simple, grain bill. Seems like a bunch of two-row and some dextrine or flaked grain for mouthfeel and head retention. Very light color and zero caramel. The biggest detractor for me is the hop smell. It is so resinous, someone paid the simcoe bill big-time, and there is no subtlety. The first taste after a variety of normal craft brew IPAs, made me think it was a bit funky. It is expensive, and I don’t blame the brewery for that. They must’ve put 10$ a gallon in hops. But the balance is a bit off for me to even attempt to compare to pliny the elder or lesser.
    Very good but not great. Simcoe is a proprietary hop. It is illegal to own a rhizome. Let’s all avoid these money pits. Nice but not the greatest . . .

  2. jwpiper said


    I wanted to wait until I had another Double Trouble in the glass before responding. I’ve got to agree. This beer is good, but not awesome. You’ll note that my review ended up a 4.15 with only 4 for flavor – substantially lower than quite a few DIPA’s and IIPA’s in my book – you’ve mentioned Pliny.

    It’s a good beer, and I might pick it up periodically, but especially at the price, there are better big IPAs – even here in the Midwest.

    It was refreshing to see an attempt at a West Coast DIPA come out of the Midwest… I’ve been waiting for it. Drinking my second bottle of this… it’s not even close to the best out there.

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