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Nugget Nectar

Posted by jwpiper on February 1, 2009

It’s nice to see Tröegs expanding to Ohio. I’ve not yet had many of their beers, so I’ll be checking them out as these show up more in the stores. I recently tried Tröegs Nugget Nectar, though, and while it’s not technically in the IPA family, I thought it was hoppy and good enough to make its way into the Hop Mess. Split between two snifters at about 50-55 degrees.
Pours amber and clear with a short white head.
Smells of citrus: grapefruit and grass. Quite pleasant and inviting.
This is a high 4. Nice citrusy hop taste. A good sweet malt backbone, but not overpowering – well balanced. Short but clean finish with some floral hints at the end.
A little thinner than anticipated based on the malt flavor.
An easy drinker. Bitterness is not obtrusive. Medium mouthfeel
with malt sweetness makes it easy going.
A wonderfully hoppy Amber. Not too much to improve on this beer for the style.
$13/6pk ($2.17/12oz). For a beer with this much hop goodness, this is a very good price. Wish this were available year-round or during a time which is a bit more bereft of good hoppy beers.

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