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Amsterdam – In de Wildeman

Posted by jwpiper on February 5, 2009

After a ridiculous delay travelling to Europe and a rerouting to Amsterdam through Manchester rather than flying to Brussels and driving, I finally arrived in Amsterdam. I’ve never known Holland for it’s food, and never loved it’s beer, but hey it’s me… I’ve got to try both out.

I start by heading to In de Wildeman Bier Proeflokaal. I’m not sure if this would classify as a brown cafe, but it seems it should with the old wood interior, simple menu, and neighborhood feel. Most everyone there clearly frequents the bar quite often, and each is greeted with a familiarity by both the bartender and each of the other patrons. Seems I’m the only one left out, but a mix of friendly smiles, mumbled Dutch, and general indefference serves to keep me at ease and feeling generally welcome.

The majority of the Dutch beer on the menu is either uncompelling or unfamiliar, and after my travels, I’m not willing to lay it all out there quite yet. So, I go with a Belgian favorite, Tripel Karmeliet. Yes, exacly as I remembered it.

To go with the back half of the Karmeliet, I order a plate of Old Spekled Hen Cheddar cheese, thyme crackers, and apple chutney. Wow, a better pairing than I anticipated… The spiced chutney actually worked quite well with the sweet beer.

To finish, I ordered La Trappe Quadruple. In the states it’s always incredibly metalic and I’ve yet to enjoy it. Well, I had to give it a try in it’s homeland, and was again pleasantly surprised. Surely not as good as the other quads I’ve had (Westvleteren, Rochefort, Chimay, Struise). But very good nonetheless and a bit of a bargain in Holland where Belgians are a good euro or two more than they’d be across the border.

In all, a good experience. I’d likely consider making it my regualar bar if I lived locally. As a tourist, I was a but unimpressed. The selection was good, especially for a Dutch bar, but not as good as next door in Belgium and more expensive.


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