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Amsterdam – ‘t Arendsnest Nederlands Biercafe

Posted by jwpiper on February 5, 2009

My wanderings on my first night back in Europe bring me to yet another clearly neighborhood brown cafe, ‘t Arendsnest Nederlands Biercafe. Sitting at the bar and looking at the taps and bottle list give a quite different impression than the last one, however. I look and look for a familiar name or label, but other than a couple Dutch macros and La Trappe, there’s nothing familiar. Wow, here’s a biercafe with a truly local beer list. Nothing from outside Holland’s borders. And thus, it gets much more respect than In de Wildeman. There seemed to be enough interesting offerings on the list to keep me sampling for some time.

I ask the bartender for something high gravity. He perks up, after some back and forth about what exactly that means (obviously not a clear translation) and offers me a Russian Imperial Stout. Funny – it was this label on the tap handle which had captured my eye: Brouwerij de Molen Rasputin.

Any future Amsterdam trip will surely find me here. It’s proximity to Central Station only make it more of a lock.


2 Responses to “Amsterdam – ‘t Arendsnest Nederlands Biercafe”

  1. […] the opportunity to try at least a couple while I was in Amsterdam. When I sat down at the bar at ‘t Arendsnest Nederlands Biercafe, looking over the tap handles didn’t reveal anything familiar. And the most intriguing handle […]

  2. […] my surprisingly pleasant experience with a fresh La Trappe Quad, when I saw an aged bottle at ‘t Arendsnest Nederlands Biercafe, I had to give it a try. The bartender went through a door in the back of the bar and down some […]

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