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De Molen Rasputin

Posted by jwpiper on February 5, 2009

It’s not often that you see Dutch craft beer outside of Holland, which is why I’m glad I took the opportunity to try at least a couple while I was in Amsterdam. When I sat down at the bar at ‘t Arendsnest Nederlands Biercafe, looking over the tap handles didn’t reveal anything familiar. And the most intriguing handle sported a text label with only one thing legible from where I sat: “Rasputin”. It had to be a Russian Imperial Stout. When I asked the bartender to recommend a big, high gravity beer, he jumped straight to the Rasputin. Sounds good to me. It was poured from the tap at about 40 degrees.
Pours pitch black with a tall dark tan head and god head retention, especially for an 11% ABV beer.
Roasted malts and bitter coffee.
Tons of roasted flavors, bitter chocolate, coffee. A bit boozy at the beginning of the session, but that impression goes away.
Very smooth texture. Drier than expected, but very full-bodied and heavy.
The glass wasn’t tough to get through. The bitterness is there, but it complements and doesn’t overpower the very strong roasted flavors. A sipper, no doubt.
A pleasant surprise. Quite good, but perhaps too singly-dimensioned roasted for me.
I don’t recall the price on this, but I imagine it was less than or around €4.

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