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Drie Fonteinen Oude Kriek

Posted by jwpiper on February 5, 2009

I like to start my meals at In ‘t Spinnekopke with a lambic or gueuze and this night that would be a kriek from Drie Fonteinen, one of my favorite producers of sour beers. They also usually have the gueuze on tap, but I was in the mood for a kriek. It was poured from a 375ml bottle at about 40 degrees.
Pours a rich burgundy red color, with a deep pink head which recedes leaving only a ring at the edge of the glass.
Mmmmm. an explosion in the room. So bright and sour. I can almost taste it and my mouth puckers even more than when I sip it. No surprise that sour cherries fill the nose.
Immediately lemony sour on the tongue. Then sour cherries. Som faint sour apple, maybe even hints of pears. Then cherries all over the middle with earthy, nutty notes coming in and floating through to a pleasant and surprisingly not overpowering sour finish. Another sip and the process continues all the way to the end of the bottle.
The dry mouthfeel with sufficient carbonation is perfectly paired with the flavor.
A brilliant apéritif as I’m using it tonight. This is a wonderfully drinkable, low ABV beer with more than enough intrigue to keep me going.
This is a wonderful beer, very light and playful. I’m not sure the Drie Fonteinen glasses do the beer justice, however.
I don’t recall the price, unfortunately.

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