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La Trappe Quadrupel 2002

Posted by jwpiper on February 5, 2009

After my surprisingly pleasant experience with a fresh La Trappe Quad, when I saw an aged bottle at ‘t Arendsnest Nederlands Biercafe, I had to give it a try. The bartender went through a door in the back of the bar and down some stairs for a few minutes, ascending with the bottle of La Trappe Quad bottled in late 2002 in hand. The 6.5 year old beer was poured at cellar temperature (about 55 to 60 degrees) into a La Trappe chalice leaving a couple of cm at the bottom of the bottle with most of the yeast.
As compared to the fresh bottle, it’s thicker, cloudier, and richer in appearance. A nice head developed (it truly was a perfect pour complements of the bartender). Perfect lacing on the glass with each sip.
Port all over the place. Prunes and raisins. After tasting, an underpinning of cardboard emerged in the nose – in a good way.
Sweet prunes and raisins. Rich. Yeasty in that cardboardish way. Still a bit metallic. The apples have gone, which is something of a detractor, but I don’t miss the sourness much, just the extra layer of flavor. There are plenty of layers to replace it though. The finish falls a touch flat. Not as sugary sweet, there is a port sweetness instead. The finish is more attenuated. A yeasty finish with still some bitter notes. This becomes dominant about halfway through.
Smooth and rich without being cloying. Plenty of carbonation. Wonderful. A bit drier than the fresh bottle.
Goes down smoother because of the smoothness. The richness makes it more inviting.
I find this beer to be quite interesting. There was no difference except appearance between the first and second yeasty pour. I wonder if it was disturbed on the bartenders climb up the stairs or if the yeast doesn’t stick to the bottom even during a perfect pour. The beer was overall better than the fresh bottle, but I did miss the candied sugar and sour apples.
€7/33cl, I believe. Definitely worth it to try from time to time.

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