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Rochefort 10

Posted by jwpiper on February 5, 2009

To accompany my Coq Spinnekopke at In ‘t Spinnekopke, I chose a bottle of Rochefort 10. Now here’s one beer which I just can’t bring myself to buy in the US. I know I’m in the minority on this, but in my experience this beer doesn’t travel well. I’m not sure how that could be with it being such a big beer, but at $6 a bottle at stores in Ohio, it’s not worth it for what you get. Fresh in Belgium is a completely different story. This is an exceptional beer which is pretty easy to find (and cheap), so I’ve had quite a few of these when I’m overseas.
Thick, rich, dark brown color with perfectly lacing off white head.
The smell is caramel, candied sugar and dish soap (I suppose that means bright, fruity smells). It richens as it’s consumed – more caramel and some fruity smells.
Reminiscent of Gouden Carolus Noël or a La Trappe Quad without metallic or burnt sugar flavors. Very much caramelized sugars with some chocolate, rich fruits, and a nice bittersweet finish. To compare with another quad: not nearly as complex as Westvleteren 12.
Carbonated and smooth. Not cloying or heavy, but rich.
Perhaps too sweet to be extremely drinkable. Hides ABV very, very well, though. A sipper, largely because of the sweetness.
An excellent beer. Much better in near the source than in the US.
Not sure what this ran at the restaurant, but in Ohio it’s usually $6/330ml.

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