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Struise Black Albert

Posted by jwpiper on February 7, 2009

After having a couple of delicious aged Trappist quads, I was ready for something different and even bigger. I had met up with some new friends and was singing the praises of Struise Black Albert which can be quite difficult to get in the US. With all my yapping, I worked myself up into a hankering for one myself. And since the brewery was sold out, I wasn’t expecting to run into it anywhere else. Struise doesn’t make their own glasses, so it was poured into a generic glass which couldn’t properly hold the beer and head. Served at cellar temperature like every beer is at Kulminator.
Pours pitch black with a brown-tan bubbly head which sticks to the glass.
Roasted smells with some coffee, but a lot more going on as well.
A bit of sourness. Full-bodied, rich, roasted but not dominated by coffee or chocolate. There are coffee/chocolate flavors, but they’re balanced in with other roasted malts and plenty of sweetness and that sour hint. A little cigarette smoke in the finish.
So thick, creamy, and smooth. Not cloying despite the sweetness.
Alcohol incredibly well hidden. A sipper nonetheless.
This is easily one of my favorite Russian Imperial Stouts and I try to get it anytime I’m in Belgium. There’s a bar right next to the brewery which distributes Struise beers which always has Struise beers for sale. A strange place to visit, getting one of these makes it completely worthwhile.
€3.50/33cl. Or that’s the price at the bar next to the distributor. Not sure what I paid at Kulminator but I don’t think it was much more than this.

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