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Alesmith Speedway Stout

Posted by jwpiper on February 27, 2009

On my recent visit to San Diego, I had to stop into Alesmith. I ended up shooting the breeze with Peter, Jessica, and the rest of the folks for a couple of hours before they left to judge the homebrewer’s competition. Along the way, I picked up on what the new Decadence will be, their plans to release some cheeses in the future, and even some long term dreams they’re cooking up. Some pretty exciting stuff going on there – it seems my favorite brewery isn’t only thinking of brewing excellent beer: they’re stretching themselves and even coming up with some pretty original and exciting ideas.

While I was there, I grabbed the better part of a case of Speedway Stout. I’d recently cracked a bottle of Speedway from a previous trip which I guess is about 6-9 months old at this point: the first batch in their new digs. It proved it would be difficult to keep my hands off it, so I figured I’d better replenish my supply. Being brewed with coffee, I figured I’d better give it a try fresh (they didn’t have any on tap while I was there). I split it with my wife at cellar temp into a couple of snifters.

It pours thick and black with a 3.5 cm mocha head which clings to the glass as it recedes. Just beautiful.
Smells of roasted malts with tons of coffee. A definite sour note, kind of like Black Albert. A bit of milk chocolate and some bittersweet aromas.
So smooth and so much coffee. This fresh example just has tons of coffee and roasted flavors. A ton of warmth, but mostly from the warm flavors and integrated sourness rather than high ABV. I prefer this with 6-12 months on it to dial back the coffee and meld the flavors together a little more. It’s definitely rich and sweet with coffee bitterness in the finish.
Crazy smooth. This batch may be less carbonated than most batches I’ve had.
This is an incredibly easy beer to drink. No alcohol bite or noticeable alcohol presence. It’s a sipper, but very sippable.
Easily one of my favorites. Similar in some ways to Black Albert, and not quite as good fresh. But with some age, this beer really comes into its own for me.
$10/750ml fromt he brewery. $13 locally when they happen to have it. Jessica let me know that she finally put a good amount on a pallet headed our way.

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