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Péché Mortel

Posted by jwpiper on January 25, 2009

A bottle of Péché Mortel from Brasserie Dieu Du Ciel came out to be compared with the last few sips of the Founders Imperial Stout. Poured straight from the cellar into a snifter. I’ve had it a couple of times before and have always looked back on my high ratings as a potential fluke. This tasting will give me the opportunity to remember whether its a beer worthy of such high regard.
Extremely dark brown. Actually pours brown rather than motor oil black as the Founders Imperial Stout does. Appears much less viscous too. The head is tan and 3cm.
Coffee and… a little mustiness. I don’t remember this mustiness on my original tastings only a couple of months ago. It might be a bit of the smell of stale coffee. This beer may not have stood the test of time, although the deeper I stick my nose into this one, the more I think it may actually be the much greater sweetness of the Founders which brings out the mustiness in this smell.
Oh yeah. Ummm, yeah. That’s good. And more complex than I remember. It’s a coffee bomb, but there’s chocolate, and nuttiness, and such a wonderfully bitter balancing finish. This is definitely a better beer than the Founders is fresh. Indeed, it makes me shun the initial comparison. Though it has caused me to appreciate some flavors/aromas in this (and the Founders) which I wouldn’t have otherwise gotten.
The palate is smooth and medium-thick with a spritely effervescence. Quite enjoyable.
A sipper, but a very drinkable, inviting one. Not too much alcohol, ad well balanced. The bitterness is not off-putting, and instead quite welcoming.
Not as highly rated as my review when fresh (4.4 – I think largely because of the aroma). This is a beer which should undoubtedly be consumed fresh. And this experience has strengthened my faith in my original high marks for this beer. Fairly complex and very well balanced.
$5.50/11.5oz. A pretty expensive beer, but if it’s a coffee bomb you want, you’ll get it here like nowhere else. I also put this up against a Speedway Stout one evening and SS was much better (and thus a much better value), but Péché Mortel is certainly a unique beer which is tough to value.

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