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“Champagne” and Oysters

Posted by jwpiper on January 1, 2009

New Year’s Eve calls for champagne to celebrate, and I’ve been itching to try DeuS, the Brut des Flandres, for some time. Occasion like this can be used to justify the $25 price tag.

To follow the champagne tradition, I decided to also procure some oysters (the last dozen from Whole Foods) to enjoy along-side the beer. I will forgo an attempt at a proper review as I usually do when sharing a beer in a social setting (shared with my wife, Mark P. and Leah P.). I guess I’ll have to buy another bottle at some point.

I ended up eating most of the oysters (not too surprising in my family), but they were thoroughly enjoyed and the beer, sweet and yeasty, made an excellent complement both in and out of the shell. It got me thinking about other (cheaper) beers which would complement oysters. Perhaps a gueuze or even another Brouwerij Bosteels oferring, Tripel Karmeliet, with its strong malt backbone and yeasty funkiness.

I say it was a successful experiment, and now I have a go to beer when tradition demands champagne. Perhaps I’ll buy a bottle or two to cellar until just the right time.


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