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Aventinus Weizen Eisbock

Posted by jwpiper on April 12, 2009

Was jonesing for something right and sweet tonight, and this was staring out at me from my beer cabinet. I bought it a while ago, and the label indicates it was bottled in 2008. Supposedly, a beer like this was originally a product of shipping through freezing weather. By the time arrived at its destination, it had been frozen and concentrated (thus the eis in eisbock). I suppose they must have been serving it immediately, before the ice melted, otherwise – what’s the difference once it warms up to proper serving temperatures? Nevertheless, G. Schneider & Sohn created this eisbock to mimic the concentrated beers that their customers received in the cold German winters. I poured mine into a 0.5L Aventinus glass at cellar temperature. I suppose I ought to have cooled it down to lagering temperatures – oh well.
Pours a dark brown with some caramel and amber highlights. A 1.5cm off-white head forms, but quickly disappears. The beer is only enhanced by the glass into which it’s poured.
The aromas are powerful – filling the air once the bottle is emptied. I get concentrated dark fruit aromas: figs and prunes. There are also hints of acidity and a slight metallic aroma accompanied by a bit of alcohol warmth. Further into the bottle, a definite banana aroma emerges.
My tongue is first greeted with sweet caramel, which is immediately followed by the rich dark fruits in the aroma. The finish grows increasingly robust bready/yeasty with an alcohol warmth and mild hop bitterness at the end. The longevity of the whole grain bread flavor finish is impressive.
Thick, smooth, and full-bodied.
The 12% ABV is impressively well masked in this beer’s rich profile. Not quite a sipper, but very big and rich.
This isn’t a clear dessert beer because of its bready flavors, but it is suitably sweet. A very interesting beer.
$5/330ml. Fairly pricey, but I can’t think of another beer like it.

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