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Great Lakes Barrel-Aged Blackout Stout

Posted by jwpiper on April 3, 2009

I’ve been meaning to break this out for some time, as I figured it would be right about now that it would start balancing out some. Having just sampled the Hoppin’ Frog Barrel-Aged BORIS, and giving my palate a chance to rest, I figured now was the time. Split a bottle straight from the cellar with my wife into two snifters.
Nice thick, black pour with a 2cm tan head which sticks around as a thin layer for a little while.
This beer is all about the bourbon. Tons of bourbon on the nose. Some deep, rich smells including wonderful roasted malts. There’s a ton of richness here.
Bourbon up front, giving way to the nice Blackout malt profile. The hops have died down some as compared to fresh non-barrel-aged Blackout. Sweet, with some fruits, even some bright almost sour fruitiness. The finish is bourbon and vanilla and a little oak. The few months this has sat has allowed the beer to balance and mellow a bit. I like this quite a bit more than fresh, personally. But the bourbon may have died down just a bit, but the beer is still very bourbony. There’s a bit of heat, but the alcohol is remarkably well hidden.
This is incredibly smooth, but with a good amount of carbonation. Very thick and viscous, but it ends on a fairly clean note. This may be the remaining hop bitterness. A hint of chalkiness, which I like for a big RIS like this.
Tons of interest. The bourbon isn’t as overpowering as I often find it on tap at the brewery. Sipping this one, but I’m finding it easy to drink.
For me, this is better than at the pub. An excellent beer, heavy on the bourbon, but at this point, some 6 months after the release, very well balanced.
$14/22oz. A pretty good price for a BA RIS.

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