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Delhi – Traffic

Posted by jwpiper on January 12, 2009

Driving in India is pretty amazing, and I’m told I haven’t seen anything yet. I must admit, while I’ve seen some crazy driving (eg, Haiti), I’ve never seen it with so many cars on the road. I say cars, but the diversity of transportation represented on the roads is just as impressive as the nearly undescernable laws which govern the safety of those who navigate them.

Pedestrians, bicyclists, tricyclists with makeshift truck beds, donkeys with trailers, cars, and buses all share the road with an impressive non-deference. It is unclear who ultimately has the right of way, and it seems to be up for grabs based on position, utilization of the horn, and whim. I fully expected to experience at least a bumper tap here or there with the lack of lanes, safe trailing distances, or clear traffic laws identifying who’s turn it is. However, all proceeds with notable efficiency and without incident. As far as I can tell, alongside trust in the rules of the road (which I have yet to completely understand) to ensure safe travel, there is a silent heavy reliance on the gods prominently perched on the dashboards of every driver.

Since the comparison begs to be made, while the traffic is a bit more intense and the rules/laws equally unclear, the roads are in substantially better condition – at least in Delhi – than in Haiti. After some time to learn these unspoken rules, I welcome the opportunity to try my hand at navigating these roads.


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