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Tapas of Eggs and Chorizo

Posted by jwpiper on February 22, 2009

When I returned from California, it was to a fairly empty refrigerator. My wife doesn’t love to cook when I’m gone – in fact, there’s a lot of hummus an guacamole eaten. At least she makes the latter from scratch. Well, from our meager list of food, I was inspired to make a tapas based on something I’d once watched José Andrés create (the wonders of PBS). Simple, easy, but ultimately made of delicious foods: fried eggs and chorizo with garlic. It turned out wonderfully; I was a bit heavier on the chorizo than I would normally be, but I needed something hearty and filling since this “tapas” was going to be my meal. It turned out that the roasted garlic was perfectly complemented by the smokey flavors from the chorizo, and the textures from the runny yolks, the crispy fried whites, and the rich chewy chorizo in a crispy fried exterior were perfect together. This will make it into the rotation as a tapas, or appetizer, or even a breakfast dish.

Tapas of Eggs and Chorizo

2 large eggs
3-4 unpeeled cloves garlic
1/3 lb sliced spanish chorizo
2 sprigs of fresh thyme (optional)
2 tbsp Spanish olive oil
serves 1 for a meal or 2 for tapas

Use your preferred method for frying an egg with a runny yolk: either use a lot of oil in a small pan/pot and drop the egg in or use a few tablespoons and fry one side at a time.
Be sure to salt the egg.
Remove and plate.
In remaining oil, add smashed garlic with peel on in order to roast the garlic and transfer the aromatic garlic oils into the olive oil. Do this for a minute or two.
Remove garlic and peel.
In the same oil, add the chorizo and some fresh thyme and just cook until it gets a bit crispy.
Place the chorizo slices and roasted garlic over the fried eggs and pour on all of the oil from the pan (some is from the olive oil and some is from the chorizo).

I didn’t have any thyme to use and the dish was still delicious. Additionally, I believe José separated the white from the yolk and just fried the white, placing the yolk on top at the end. The presentation was a bit more interesting, but I think if you’re careful when frying the egg, the end result is quite similar.


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