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Lagunitas Hop Stoopid

Posted by jwpiper on April 14, 2009

I’m going into this beer with a bit of a negative lean. I’m not sure what I want to drink tonight, if anything. But, I want to try this while it’s fresh, so it might as well be tonight. I’ve been drinking a lot of RISs and RISs have been on my mind with the recent release of Struise Cuveé Delphine and the impending release of Three Floyds Darklord – to which I greatly look forward. Been a bit of time since I broke out a DIPA. So tonight’s the night. Poured at cellar temperature into Spaten Optimator 0.5L krug. I love these glasses. But I digress….
Wonderfully clear, golden pour with some amber highlights and an off-white 5cm head when poured into my krug.
Sticky pine-sap, with grapefruit peel, soap and resin. Strong hop profile with some caramel hints – maybe even a bit of sweet biscuits.
Mmmmm. I’m pretty pleasantly surprised with this beer. There’s tons of pine in the hop profile, and some nice sweetness to go along with it. The flavors are incredibly light given the pine dominance and the intriguingly well-balanced and light sweetness is reminiscent of Hopslam. The finish is mildly bitter with grapefruit peels and sweet.
A bit sticky and under-carbonated. Medium- to light-bodied.
This is a really inviting and drinkable beer. I wouldn’t say as refreshing as Pliny, for example, but that’s probably not terribly fair. I’ve got no problem downing this beer tonight.
I’m rather surprised by this beer, I must admit. It’s pretty darn delicious. Stands out in the sea of DIPAs. Not quite Hopslam (and similar in balance), but closer than I would have expected.
$6/22oz. I bit higher priced than Bell’s Hopslam, but in the right ballpark for what these delicious DIPAs seem to be going for these days.

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