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New Belgium Lips of Faith Dark Kriek

Posted by jwpiper on February 22, 2009

Ever since my last trip to Belgium, I’ve been craving sour beers almost on a nightly basis. Unfortunately, the good ones are expensive here in the US. My last experience tasting a sour from New Belgium was actually a very pleasant surprise, so I thought I’d give their Kriek a try as well. I picked this up from Holiday Wine Cellar in Escondido, CA. Poured from a bomber at about 55 degrees into a Cantillon tulip glass.
Nice dark ruby red color – reminiscent of bing cherries – with a 2cm dusty white head.
The aroma is sharp with sour impression. Some vinous qualities: with acidity and a woodsy character. A little bit of funk from the yeast.
The taste is substantially less sour than the aroma. I wasn’t sure what to expect with the beer, but the aroma got my hopes up a bit. This isn’t as complex as I had hoped and is clearly and ale and doesn’t have the funkiness of a good lambic kriek. The flavor of cherries is strong, too strong, and there’s isn’t the character which the pit adds to a good Belgian Kriek. The woodsy component is a bit musty and heavy and doesn’t seem to be well melded with the cherries. Some bready yeast on the finish.
A bit dry. Medium body.
The dryness helps, the alcohol isn’t strong, and there is plenty of complexity. Nonetheless this is starting to get a bit old partway through the first pour. I’d push through a 12oz, but the rest of this 22oz is going to make its way down the drain.
There is a good bit going on in this beer – the flavors just seem more competitive than cooperative. The dominant flat cherry flavor gets pretty old pretty fast. Not as good as I hoped based on a small sample of La Folie I had while at Alesmith one day.
$8.50/22oz. I won’t be buying this again. There are much more pleasant sours out there which aren’t that much more expensive. I guess I can even think of some which are quite a bit better.

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